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Why should I study elementary education?

一道本不卡免费高清Learn leadership, communication, pedagogy, lesson planning and classroom management from practicing teachers while building professional connections. The curriculum tackles issues like illiteracy, the impact of education on employment and the needs of underserved populations.

Take your classes with Regis University online, in the evening, on the weekends or try our summer-intensive classes. Keep your full-time job until the last semester of the program. Then, during your student teaching semester, you will be paired with a classroom to practice the theory you have learned. 

Is the B.A. in Elementary education for me?

Format: On campus, online or blended
Campus: Northwest Denver
Course Rotation: 8-weeks
Time to Complete: Four years*
Total No. of Credits: 120 credit hours

*Estimation is based on a full course load with no credits transferred.

What will I learn in this program?

You will complete a full semester of student teaching in a K-6 classroom where you will be paired with, depending on your preferences, from one of our 100-plus local partner schools.

Subject matter includes:

  • Foundational teaching theories
  • Motivating and engaging all students
  • Research
  • Adapting curriculum materials
  • Diversity and inclusion in the classroom
  • Differentiation of instruction
  • Cultural competence
  • Social justice
  • Classroom management
  • Becoming a leader in education
  • Lesson planning
  • Formative and summative assessment

Program Highlights

  • Top 20 Online Education Programs in the Open Education Databases'
  • No. 3 for Best Online Bachelor's in Elementary Education Degrees for 2017 by College Choice
  • 100-plus local partner schools for student teacher placement
  • 10 percent preferred tuition discount for paraprofessionals or those with contracted positions in a school

Colorado State Licensure

As a part of the program, you must successfully take the state licensure examination to student teach in one of our partner schools. We will support and recommend you through this process. After completing your field hours in a Colorado school, you can apply for licensure in Colorado through the Colorado Department of Education with our recommendation. 


Regis University is accredited by .

What careers can I pursue with this degree?

In addition to becoming a K-6 teacher, other career opportunities include*:

  • Preschool and childcare center director
  • Career and technical education teacher
  • Preschool teacher
  • School counselor (with additional education or certification)
  • School librarian (with additional education or certification)
  • Instructional coordinator (with additional education or certification)

Program Requirements

General Undergraduate Core Requirements (45 credit hours) ** Must be Taken at Regis

Oral Communication Skills (3 credit hours): COM 210, COM 211
English Composition (3 credit hours): EN 203
Advanced Oral or Written Communication (3 credit hours): COM 406, COM 437, COM 455, EN 325, EN/PL 482, EN 475
Literature/Humanities (6 credit hours)
  • Literature/Humanities (6 credit hours) (3 credit hours must be HU 366**)
  • Literature/Humanities Elective (3 credit hours) Any 300-400 EN, all HU courses, all COM courses (excluding COM 210, COM 211, COM 406, and COM 437)
Global Issues (6 credit hours): COM 400, COM 412, CR 466, EC 335, EC 400, CIV 410, CIV 420, HS 240E-W, HU 435E-W, HU 421E-W, SO 204, SO 340, SO 341, SO 446, SO 469F, SO 472, IRSH 410E-W, RC 450, RC 458, RC 459

Social Sciences (6 credit hours): CIV 410, CIV 420, CIV 430, CIV 440, COM courses (excluding COM 210, COM 211, COM 406 and COM 437), all EC, all ED, all HS, all PY, all SO courses, all CR courses

Mathematics (3 credit hours) 
  • (College-level algebra or higher)
  • MT 201, MT 204, MT 270, all 300-400 level MT courses 
Natural Sciences (3 credit hours): SCI 205E, SCI 206E, SCI 410E, SCI 411E, all CN, CIS or CS courses 
Philosophy (6 credit hours): All PL courses
Religious Studies (6 credit hours): All RC, all RS courses 

Major Lower Division (30 credit hours)

Math (3 credit hours)
Science (3 credit hours)
Social Science (3 credit hours)
Educational Psychology (3 credit hours): EDFD 431
Lifespan Development (3 credit hours): PY 469
Child and Adolescent Literature (3 credit hours): EDEL 441
Literature/Humanities (3 credit hours)
Fine Arts (Art, Music or Theater) (3 credit hours)
Major Upper Division (21 credit hours) *Take in Order ** Must be Taken at Regis
EDFD 404 Foundations of Teaching (3 credit hours)*
EDFD 405 Perspectives in Education (3 credit hours)*
EDES 403
Cultural Competence in Education (3 credit hours)*
EDFD 448
Designing Instruction for All Learners (3 credit hours)*
EDFD 445
Math for Educators (3 credit hours)**
EDFD 470
The Effective Classroom (3 credit hours)**
EDRG 444
Teaching Reading and Writing (3 credit hours)**
Professional Sequence Requirements (21 credit hours)
EDFD 420 Teaching the Exceptional Child in Reg Classroom (3 credit hours)
EDTC 401 Technology for Educators (3 credit hours) 
EDEL 450
Assessment of Learning (3 credit hours)**
EDEL 460
Elem. Methods I (3 credit hours)**
EDEL 461
Elem. Methods II (3 credit hours) **
EDFD 497
Professionalism (2 credit hours)**
EDEL 490
Student Teaching - Elementary (10 credit hours)**
PLACE or PRAXIS exam in Elementary Education must be passed before moving on to student teaching. 
General Electives (3 credit hours)

Please note that recent course requirement updates may not be reflected in the list above and you should contact an admissions counselor at 800.944.7667 for recent changes and updates.

To download a printable fact sheet with program details, click here.

How to Apply

Apply Now!

Admission is on a rolling basis. 

We recommend you apply at least one month in advance of your desired start date to ensure adequate processing time and to optimize class availability options. However, completed applications will be considered up to two weeks prior to the start date.

Visit the academic calendar一道本不卡免费高清 to view start dates. This program is 8W. 

Students with prior college credit, military credit, professional licenses or certificates, or several years of work experience may be able to translate this experience directly to college credit.

Your admissions counselor can evaluate your prior learning credit, provide information regarding financial aid and tuition assistance, recommend courses and help you get started with the application process. Contact Admissions


  • A Colorado teaching license is dependent on the major of your bachelor's degree. If the level and area of license you are seeking does not correspond with your specific major, you may need to take additional undergraduate credits as required by Colorado.
  • Students seeking licensure in secondary world languages, math or science must enter the program with a completed bachelor’s degree in the respective area.
  • A minimum 2.5 GPA from prior college credit, if applicable.

Materials needed for degree-seeking applicants

  • Complete the online application for undergraduate adults, evening, and online classes
  • Official degree-bearing transcripts either from a U.S. regionally accredited institution or recognized institution in another nation. Official transcripts must be sent directly from your previously attended schools to the Office of Admissions. Download a Transcript Request Form
  • Submit official transcripts to or mail to
    • Regis University
      Office of Admissions
      Mail Code: P-28
      3333 Regis Boulevard
      Denver, CO 80221-1099
  • Participation in teacher candidate interview
  • Current resume
  • Background check
  • Additional admissions requirements apply to international students who are non-U.S. citizens

Please remember: Applications that are incomplete and/or missing information will NOT be processed. Classes can reach capacity, so you are encouraged to apply now for admission consideration.

*Applications are due two weeks prior to class start date. Visit the academic calendar to view start dates. This program is 8W.


Visit our Cost of Tuition page to see the tuition and fee schedule.

  • Regis University is consistently ranked as a Top Tier Western University by U.S. News & World Report.
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    Licensed Teachers & Paraprofessionals

    • A 10% tuition discount is offered to licensed teachers for Master of Education non-licensure classes and Master of Arts in Education classes, and to paraprofessionals for all education courses.