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The pre-law minor speaks to a wide diversity of law-related vocations, such as civil rights advocacy, politics and legislative work, social services, environmental work, family counseling, human rights work, just and sustainable development, paralegal services, conflict transformation, and restorative justice.

一道本不卡免费高清Alongside this pre-law minor, Regis students have created their own organization, Res Judicata, meaning “those things settled” in the law. For instance, our campus understands that basic Ignatian principles include the need to pursue “peace, justice and service” – our res judicata. Students, faculty and practitioners build on these principles so that students are equipped with skills and knowledge of how various fields of law enhance peace, justice, and service through civil society and good governance. Res Judicata also helps students prepare for the LSAT or GRE.

一道本不卡免费高清Besides coursework and student Res Judicata activities, this minor facilitates student-practitioner mentoring and law-related internships. The latter include work in law firms, advocacy and non-governmental organizations, with political parties, and on Capitol Hill – whether in Washington, DC or here in Denver. Faculty advising speaks to the particular needs of each student and teams up with Res Judicata to hone grad school applications and selections. Law schools are looking for well-grounded liberal arts students with a professional and moral compass. They should have some substantive knowledge of historical and current issues related to law. And liberal arts education should give them strongly integrative reading, writing, and speaking skills. These are the objectives of Regis’ distributive and integrative core studies.

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