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The study of politics is not a career training program. Like the other Liberal Arts, it assumes that rigorous education is an end as well as a means to practical skills useful through-out life. The questions that the study of Politics asks and the analytical qualities that it develops and nurtures are needed in any society. Such skills and understanding are often manifested in leadership abilities, and are reflected in the number of Politics graduates in government, education, the legal profession, and business.

The study of politics has value in several ways:

  • First, it develops and nurtures abilities to think and read critically, develop reasoning and analytical skills, and competence in oral and written communication.
  • Second, all citizens of a Democracy have a responsibility to understand politics and the political system in which they live as well as those around them. Knowledge of why and how influence is exercised, and how to be involved as a participant, is useful to students regardless of their ultimate career.
  • Third, knowledge of politics is critical to many careers which must interact with politics and government. In particular, those anticipating careers in law, government, teaching, the civil service, law enforcement, journalism, interest groups, and the media have found such preparation especially useful to their careers.

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