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Regis' minors in Physical Education and Physical Education: Coaching provide students with a background in first aid emergency response, nutrition concepts and experience in weight training, sports ethics and more.

一道本不卡免费高清In addition to a wide range of active courses, independent studies and internships are given to students with previous 400-level coursework in the department and who plan to minor in Physical Education or Physical Education: Coaching Minor.

Learn more about the available courses by viewing the course descriptions below.

Physical Education Minor Prerequisites & Requirements

Prerequisites & Requirements

Physical Education Minor Prerequisites

PE 333 - First Aid Emergency Response (3 SH)

Upper Division Requirements (12 SH)
Twelve upper division semester hours of Physical Education

Course Descriptions

PE 210. WEIGHT TRAINING (1) Studies resistive exercise emphasizing individual programs from beginning through advanced levels. Offers instruction in the use of free weights and machines, different types of resistive exercises, correct technique for exercises and safety procedures in the weight room. Includes flexibility, anaerobic and aerobic exercises, and their importance in relation to resistive training.

PE 217. ROCK CLIMBING I (1) Introduces basic techniques and safety skills required for mountain climbing. Includes on-campus instruction and conditioning followed by four, off-campus rock climbing experiences. NOTE: Travel required.

PE 220. ICE CLIMBING (1) Introduces basic techniques and safety skills for ice climbing. Includes two on campus meetings with instruction followed by three off campus ice climbing experiences. NOTE: Travel required.

PE 223. GOLF I (1) Introduces basic swing, approach shots and putting for the novice or non-skilled golfer. Teaches rules, etiquette and course play followed by application of knowledge and skill through play at a local golf course. NOTE: Travel required.

PE 237. ROCK CLIMBING II (1) Provides advanced experience in rock climbing techniques. Emphasizes the safety aspects of the sport. Taught concurrently with PE 217.

PE 315. BASIC BACKPACKING TECHNIQUES (2) Introduces the sport of backpacking. Emphasizes topographic map reading, mountain survival skills, accident and illness prevention, food selection and preparation, clothing and equipment, individual and group backpacking skills. Includes three all-day hiking experiences. NOTE: Travel required.

PE 325. NUTRITION: CONCEPTS AND CONTROVERSIES (2) Examines the principles behind good nutritional choices. Includes the interaction of energy nutrients, vitamins, and minerals with the body‘s process, and the impact of harmful substances on these processes and weight control issues.

PE 333. FIRST AID EMERGENCY RESPONSE (3) Consists of recognizing and caring for victims of any age. Situations, which include breathing, choking, and cardiac emergencies, are examined. Studies the care of injuries such as cuts, burns, sprains, fractures, and sudden illnesses. Certification in First Aid, Adult, Child, and Infant CPR are offered.

PE 401. WOMEN‘S HEALTH ISSUES (3) Focuses on the maintenance and promotion of women‘s health across the full spectrum of women‘s lives. Topics explore physiological, psychological, cultural, economic, sociological, and spiritual factors that influence women‘s health over the life span. Cross listing: HSC 401 and WGS 401. NOTE: For non-Nursing majors.

PE 413. PRINCIPLES OF EXERCISE PERFORMANCE AND SPORT NUTRITION (3) Designed for students interested in applying fitness principles into their daily lives. Offers the latest findings in exercise physiology and sport medicine, along with tools for self-assessment and guidelines for improving fitness levels.

PE 418. WELLNESS: A PERSONAL COMMITMENT (3) Studies the seven dimensions of wellness: occupational, environmental, physical, social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual wellness, developing an information base from which to make effective decisions. Prerequisite(s): Junior standing. Cross listing: ED 418.

PE 420. OUTDOOR RECREATIONAL LEADERSHIP (3) Includes instruction and practice of outdoor recreational and survival skills for the outdoor recreation enthusiast. Examines recreational facilities in terms of programming, management, and supervision.

PE 425. PRINCIPLES OF COACHING (3) Develops basic principles and philosophies of coaching, which can be applied to all sports. Includes psychology of coaching, principles of conditioning, techniques for training, applied theory and practice.

PE 426. CARE AND PREVENTION OF ATHLETIC INJURIES (3) Includes anatomical analysis of the human body and the potential for athletic injury. Includes diagnosing injuries, prevention and preseason and in-season training techniques, treatment and rehabilitation processes. NOTE: Students may be responsible for additional course supplies.

PE 437. SPORT ETHICS (3) Challenges students to examine ethical issues in sport. Provides a historical and sociological perspective on the issues facing youth in interscholastic, intercollegiate, Olympic, and professional sports.

PE 438. SPORT ADMINISTRATION (3) Examines current trends and practices in management and administration. Explores areas in public relations, communication, law, and risk management.

PE 490E-W. INDEPENDENT STUDY IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION (1-3) Provides an opportunity for independent explorations of areas of interest. Prerequisite(s): Approval of department chair.

PE 495E-W. SEMINAR IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION (1-3) Offers seminars on current topics in areas of physical education.

PE 496E-W. SEMINAR IN RECREATION (1-3) Offers seminars on current topics in areas of recreation.

PE 497E-W. SEMINAR IN COACHING (1-3) Offers seminars on current topics in areas of coaching.

PE 498E-W. INTERNSHIP IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION (3) Provides an opportunity for an internship in physical education under the supervision of a department member. Prerequisite(s): Approval of department chair and director of the Academic Internship Program. NOTE: Internships may be taken in physical education (E), recreation (F), coaching (G), athletic training (H) and outdoor education (I).

Program Requirements

一道本不卡免费高清Listed below are the degree requirements for completion of the Minor in Physical Education. Please note that recent course requirement updates might not be listed and you should contact the Office of Enrollment Services at 303.458.4126.

Prerequisites (3 credit hours)
PE 333 First Aid Emergency Response (3 ch)
Upper Division Requirements (12 credit hours)
12 upper division credit hours of Physical Education courses. See course descriptions for more information.

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