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Exercise Science is a multidimensional study of human health and movement. This discipline explores normal movement and the physiological and functional adaptations of how it is organized, controlled, and regulated.

A minor in Exercise Science at Regis University is compatible with a number of undergraduate majors, including Biology, Neuroscience, and Psychology. Students who include the Exercise Science minor in their education will be able to apply this knowledge to strategies designed to improve and optimize physical performance. 

Exercise Science builds on courses of study in the natural and behavioral sciences linking the study of human physical activity with foundations of scientific knowledge. Students are challenged to discover and explain principles of human movement, and to apply this knowledge in a manner that guides individuals to optimize health and physical performance in leisure, work, and rehabilitative environments. This study of normal movement forms the foundation for modification of activity from a health and wellness perspective, to enhance performance, or to promote recovery following injury or illness of an individual.

The Exercise Science minor, offered through Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions’ School of Physical Therapy, is open to all Regis College students.  Students can also consider the Health and Exercise Science degree if they have an interest in pursuing a vocation related to this area of study.

一道本不卡免费高清For additional information regarding the preferred admission process for the Doctor of Physical Therapy program, contact the School of Physical Therapy.

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