Our Mission

Building on our Jesuit tradition of values-based experiential learning, the Anderson College of Business cultivates leaders of integrity who think critically, communicate clearly and implement innovative solutions to complex challenges. We partner with business and community leaders to enhance economic, environmental, and social well-being.

How We Achieve the Mission:

Jesuit tradition:一道本不卡免费高清 The Jesuit tradition of education focuses on the knowledge and skills you need to succeed and also the emotional and moral sensibilities of the heart. We consider the values that drive decisions as a way to engage the whole person in their work. We also use learning experiences such as case studies, group projects, service learning, consulting partnerships and internships to engage students with the world.

Cultivate leaders of integrity: Leaders are not necessarily the people at the top, but are those who influence and foster change. We plant the seeds and support change agents who seek to initiate positive change. We guide students as they analyze ambiguous situations, communicate with others, build teams, and effectively respond to unanticipated challenges in an ethical and socially responsible manner.

Partner with business and community leaders:一道本不卡免费高清 We seek partners who are transforming the practices and systems that will enhance the well-being of all. We challenge our students to develop sustainable and innovative solutions that balance business and economic success, environmental impact, and respect for others.

Our Vision

To help business become stewards of society with the goal of improving the quality of life on Earth.

Our Values

We achieve our mission by honoring and living out our core values.
  • Character that demonstrates honesty, integrity, resilience and respect at all times.
  • Competence that advances our professions and our lifelong skills of creativity, communication and critical thinking.
  • Care for the whole person that honors the dignity of the individual in community with others.
  • Compassionate leadership that courageously engages difficult economic, environmental and social challenges in the pursuit of a more just world.

Our Cornerstones

  • Learning through experience.
  • Driving change through innovation.
  • Building workforce capacity.
  • Sustaining the earth for future generations.