Student Orientation at Regis University in Denver, Colorado.

This is your chance to explore and experience. To reflect on who you are and what brought you here. To choose how you will make the most of your experience and where you want to go from here. This is your adventure. This is your quest. Welcome to the Regis experience, where every moment, every memory you collect, matters.

We’re excited to welcome all students entering Regis University in Fall 2018 to our community with New Student Orientation Thursday, Aug. 23 - Saturday, Aug. 25. This transformative experience will prepare you for your journey ahead.

If you have questions about New Student Orientation, please contact the Office of Student Activities at, 303.458.3505 or 800.388.2366 x3505.

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一道本不卡免费高清In a three-day period that will leave you excited and well-equipped for the collegiate journey that awaits, you will be introduced to the many resources, programs, and individuals that will support you and your family through the transition to college. Whether you are a first-year or a transfer student, New Student Orientation is an exciting opportunity to meet new students (most of whom feel a bit nervous and excited just like you), begin building new friendships, connect with faculty, figure out where your classrooms are, and begin to make a place for yourself at Regis. Along the way you’re going to learn something about our mission, glean some tips about being a successful student, eat a bunch of free food, figure out what “intramural sports” actually are, and get to hang out with Father President Fitzgibbons, S.J.

Then, when orientation closes out and classes begin, Regis does a Week Of Welcome – ‘cause just like you we know that some folks would spend that first week playing Call of Duty when they ought to be getting out and meeting people. Every night there will be something to do – Battleship on the Beach, live music and dinner on the quad, Free Friday Night Movie, and there is usually something happening in Walker’s Pub. Guaranteed.

For family members that are able to attend, New Student Orientation also has a concurrent schedule tailored to your needs. We know that for many of you this is the first time you’ve been to campus and you want to know what to expect from Regis. With that in mind you’ll have the opportunity to introduce yourself to your student’s faculty advisor, eat in the dining hall, tour campus, meet with the Dean of Students and the Student Life team, ask questions of Campus Safety, learn about University Ministry and the Office of Diversity, and spend some time with Father President Fitzgibbons, S.J (just to name a few). If you have any questions about New Student Orientation please contact the Office of Student Activities at 303.458.3505.

    New Student Orientation:

    Orientation will offer new students a dynamic, vital and transformative encounter with the Regis University academic community through an Experience-Reflection-Action model of education and invite them to respond to that encounter.

    Experience (RU Here?):

    During orientation, new students will be offered multiple opportunities for experiencing firsthand where “here” is:  

    1. Learning to learn matters here: Regis is a community whose mission to seek knowledge is grounded in the Ignatian spiritual tradition of discernment.

    2. Justice matters here: Regis is a community whose intellectual commitments demand that we engage with a broader social reality and serve a broader community in order to promote the Common Good.

    3. Relationship matters here: Regis is a community whose commitments to service and justice shape the way that we engage with, respect and support each other.

    Reflection (RU Interested?):

    During orientation, new students will be offered safe and productive spaces for reflecting on their experiences with the Regis community:
    1. Students will be able to make sense of their experiences throughout orientation.

    2. Students will be able to integrate their developing understanding of the Regis community not only with the choices that have brought them to Regis, but also with the hopes and concerns they bring to orientation.

    3. Students will be challenged to imagine their own place in the Regis community and the world at large.

    Action (RU Ready?)

    During orientation, new students will be asked to translate their experience and reflection into effective action:

    1. Students will be asked to exercise their adult freedom (and to dare) to make choices about their own growth and development.

    一道本不卡免费高清2. Students will be asked to form relationships and to connect with places that will support the choices they make throughout their Regis journey.

    Address by Regis University President John P. Fitzgibbons, S.J.

    A chance to meet Regis University President Father Fitzgibbons.

    Craig Zablocki

    The speaker who brings laughter to life!

    Craig works with organizations using humor, creativity, spontaneity and laughter to break down barriers that get in the way of positive communication and teamwork.

    一道本不卡免费高清Craig's programs will not only leave you laughing and full of energy, you will be ready to begin your Regis experience! His programs are always participatory - you won't leave without becoming physically, mentally and emotionally involved.

    Should you think and act like a four-year-old? Craig's answer is yes! Four year-olds laugh a lot, are creative, have passion, are spontaneous, take positive risks, live in the moment and don't let fear get in the way of their dreams. When we combine our knowledge and compassion with those wonderful traits the results are amazing.

    Theater Delta

    Theater Delta, based in Durham, North Carolina has developed Interactive Theater projects with numerous colleges and universities, the US Military, medical communities, the World Bank and others.

    You will experience two performances that will use Interactive Theater – scripted and improvisational audience participatory theater – to promote dialogue and solutions around 1) Sexual Assault and Alcohol on campus and 2) The ISMs and Social Justice on campus. Student participants will witness a scene, have an opportunity to interact with the characters in the scene, and then take part in a facilitated conversation about the issues raised. Topics for Sexual Assault include: consent, the role of alcohol, bystander intervention, and victim blaming. Topics for the ISMs social justice include: intersecting identities, stereotypes and microaggressions, and bystander intervention.

    Getting Started

    Why is it important to RSVP?

    We need an accurate head count in order to ensure that we have enough food and that the venue sizes are correct.

    Does Regis provide free shuttles from DIA to campus?

    一道本不卡免费高清No, but there are many shuttle/bus options that students can use. The RTD light rail also recently opened to provide transportation from the airport to Union Station. More information on the light rail and the RTD schedule can be found 

    What if my parents cannot come?

    There are activities planned and free meals for families and guests of students at Orientation. However, it is fine if family members cannot attend the weekend. The majority of events are geared toward new students.

    What do I need to know about Financial Aid?

    How do I make sure my financial aid is in line?
    Students can review their financial aid status online through Web Advisor or can check their Registration Invoice. If students have questions, they can contact the Office of Financial Aid at 1.800.388.2366, ext. 4126 or 303.458.4126.

    How do I make sure my financial account is taken care of?
    All students are expected to make financial arrangements on or before the tuition due date of Aug. 1. Student Accounts will send you a packet information that includes your registration invoice which explains all charges, financial aid information and class schedule. Please be sure to pay in full, set up a payment plan, and/or have your financial aid awards in a guaranteed status (all required paperwork completed) before Aug. 1. The Office of Student Accounts will send out email reminders of important dates as the due date approaches. If you need additional information regarding your student account, please call 303.458.4126, stop by the 4th floor of Main Hall or visit our Web page.

    What about setting up a bank account in Denver?

    Saturday's Student Resource Fair also includes local banks that will help new students set up accounts. 

    When can I get my books?

    The Ranger Station Bookstore is newly located in Regis Square and is generally fully stocked for the start of a new semester three weeks before classes start. Visit the Ranger Station website for details on hours and how you can reserve your books.

    一道本不卡免费高清You can also beat the crowds in the Bookstore during orientation and order your textbooks in advance and have them ready for “pick-up” at the Bookstore. The time saved purchasing your textbooks in advanced will give you time in the Bookstore during orientation to purchase lots of Regis gear. This will allow you to be ready to start your Fall classes with all of your required textbooks on the first day of your classes. Make sure to bring a copy of your class schedule, as it will enable bookstore staff to assist you in finding and purchasing your required course materials!

    What do I need to know about my computer and Regis email?

    What computer should I bring to Regis University?
    Regis University’s computing environment is overwhelmingly Microsoft-centric. However, many of our students do come to school with Apple computers and are quite happy with them. There are important things to consider with any computer regardless of brand, and Regis' ITS department is happy to help with your computer needs.

    How do I connect my personal computer to the Internet?
    一道本不卡免费高清A wired connection is provided for each student in their residence hall room and a wireless network is available across the campus. Regis University ITS personnel will be available during orientation weekend to assist any students and parents who may have questions.

    How do I get my email address?
    Your email address will be available after you have cleared your financial account. After you are "cleared" a RegisNET account will be created and you will be provided a username and seven digit ID number. From the webpage, change your password by selecting "". You can access your email account by visiting the webpage located at For additional help, visit the ITS Help Center一道本不卡免费高清 in Carroll Hall room 9 during orientation.

    What do I need to know about health insurance?

    Why does Regis University require me to have health insurance?
    Like most universities and colleges, Regis University requires students who have six or more credits in certain academic programs to be covered by comprehensive health insurance for their own continued wellness.

    Who is required to have health insurance?
    Students who are taking six or more credits and are Regis College students, Rueckert-Hartman College for Health Professions pre-licensure nursing students, pre-licensure physical therapy students, pre-licensure pharmacy students, and students enrolled in graduate nurse practitioner programs must maintain health coverage.

    What are my options for health insurance?
    You must either enroll in Regis University's Student Health Insurance Plan or waive the University plan and maintain an alternative health insurance plan at least as extensive as that provided by the University plan. If you choose to waive the University plan, you must provide the University with proof of that alternative coverage. Students must enroll in or waive the University plan during their first term and every successive fall semester.

    How do I enroll in or waive the Regis University Student Health Insurance plan?
    You must enroll in or waive the insurance plan prior to the deadline date.  Review the Student Health Insurance page for specifics on the deadline date for enrollment or waiver, as well as cost and coverage details.

    Note: If you do not complete the enrollment or waiver process before the deadline you will automatically be billed for the University-sponsored Regis Student Health Insurance plan for the fall semester.

    Doing Orientation Right

    Do I have to go to Orientation? When do I need to arrive?

    一道本不卡免费高清Since New Student Orientation is crucial for a student's success at Regis, we require it for ALL new students. It is very important for the students to be here on Thursday to check in and that they participate in the activities throughout the weekend.

    What should I wear?

    Dress for orientation weekend is casual; shorts and/or jeans are appropriate for most events. 

    What is the Student Resource Fair on Saturday, Aug. 25?

    一道本不卡免费高清The Student Resource Fair is an opportunity for new students to meet with campus departments in order to do the following: validate meal plans, make sure immunization records are in order, speak with a student employment representative, and get information about Family Weekend, student involvement, on-campus programming, and other campus happenings.

    Where do commuter and transfer students need to check-in

    Commuter and transfer student check-in will start on Aug. 23 at noon, location TBD. Our staff will provide students and families with their final orientation schedule and other pertinent information about the weekend at check-in

    Getting Settled at Regis

    How do I change my meal plan?

    Regis University is pleased to introduce you to our on-campus dining program provided by Bon Appétit. We prepare food that's healthy for you and the environment. We use fresh, seasonal and regional products in our selections, providing healthy options for all of your meals.

    *Plan A: $2,610, 19 meal swipes per week and $300 flex dollars. Recommended for the student who dines frequently and plans to be around campus on the weekends.

    *Plan B: $2,480, 12 meal swipes per week and $400 flex dollars. Recommended for students who may not eat three meals a day and/or may not be on campus on the weekends.

    一道本不卡免费高清Plan C: $1,735, 95 meal swipes per semester and $615 in flex dollars. Recommended for upper class students who want a smaller plan.

    一道本不卡免费高清Plan D: $360, 30 meal swipes per semester and $75 in flex dollars.  Available only for students not living on campus who may want to eat an occasional meal/snack. This plan does not automatically renew.  Only commuter students are allowed to purchase the Commuter Plan. You may only select this plan once each semester. 

    一道本不卡免费高清*Meal Plans are priced on a per semester basis and are automatically renewed (except for Plan D) from fall to spring semester.

    一道本不卡免费高清**New Freshman living in the Residence Halls are required to select either Meal Plan A or Meal Plan B.

    Please click on the link below to either add a meal plan or charge your current meal plan.

    Obtaining a Parking Permit

    All students that intend to park their vehicles on campus need a parking permit. Information about obtaining a parking permit can be found at:

    When is Family and Legacy Weekend?

    Family and Legacy Weekend will be held Thursday, September 27 through Sunday, Sept. 30. The weekend will include fun activities for parents and students. Attend classes with your son/daughter, eat lunch, and enjoy live entertainment. More information on this exciting weekend will be sent in August. More information can be found on our Family and Legacy Weekend page. 

    North Denver Hotels

    Residence Inn by Marriott (Denver) | 303.458.5318 or 800.331.3131
    Offers shuttle service to downtown Denver and the Regis campus. Offers a free hot breakfast buffet and light-fare dinner Monday - Thursday.

    DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel (Denver/Boulder) | 303.427.4000
    Offers a free shuttle to the Regis campus. The rate includes full breakfast buffet and a Doubletree Cookie at check-in. Please call for special Regis University rates. 

    Residence Inn by Marriott (Westminster) | 303.427.9500
    Offers a free hot breakfast buffet and light-fare dinner Monday - Thursday.

    Hampton Inn (Westminster) | 303.427.0700

    Embassy Suites Denver/Stapleton | 303.375.0400
    Located ten miles from campus and offers complimentary breakfast each day for guests. 

    Downtown Denver Hotels

    Sheraton Denver Hotel | 303.893.3333

    The Brown Palace Hotel | 303.297.3111

    Downtown Denver Comfort Inn | 303.296.0400 

    Courtyard by Marriott Denver Downtown | 303.571.1114
    Offers complimentary wireless Internet access and a 24-hour fitness center. On-site Starbucks.

    Hotel Monaco | 303.296.1717

    Denver Marriott - City Center | 303.297.1300

    The Westin Denver Downtown | 303.572.9100

    Airport Hotels

    Marriott at Gateway Park | 303.371.4333

    La Quinta Inn & Suites | 800.687.6667

    Courtyard by Marriott | 303.371.0300

    West Denver Hotels

    Courtyard by Marriott Denver West / Golden | 303.271.0776

    Denver Marriott West (Golden) | 303.279.9100

    La Quinta Inn (Golden) | 303.279.5565

    Residence Inn by Marriott Denver West / Golden | 303.271.0909

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