Celebrate your hard work at our traditional gatherings

Ranger Week at Regis University includes concerts.

Ranger Week

Nothing gets you closer to feeling like a Regis Ranger than participating in a week that has been celebrated for more than 50 years. Students organize each year’s theme and entertainment but it always concludes with a concert to keep you bumping into the summer. Silent discos, hypnotists, food trucks, bouncy castles and more.

See Ranger Week 2019’s Schedule

Welcome Week at Regis University.

Welcome Week

Welcome new students onto campus or celebrate being back. Don’t miss out on a raucous game of battleship: we bring in a pool so teams can compete to sink each other’s boats using only buckets. There’s always live music, club tabling, barbecuing and any other summer activity we can think up that year.

Regis University students on a snowy campus.

Snow Week

Our winter festival is celebrated between mid-November and early December to give you a breather before finals. Dress warmly for nighttime snow dodgeball on the quad. To round out a host of snow-themed festivities, the week ends with the Snow Ball. There’s no better way to beat the cold. 

Students watching a movie outdoors at Regis University.

Thursday Thrills

Be flabbergasted by mentalist Craig Karges, hyperventilate to the comedy of Josh Blue, and be morbidly sucked into the one and only regurgitator Stevie Starr. On tamer nights, paint with Boss Ross, rock out to live music, compete in Harry Potter Trivia and more. Every Thursday night starting at 10 p.m. for the last 15 years.

Christmas tree lighting at Regis University

Christmas Tree Lighting

Ring in the holidays with hot chocolate, caroling and a spectacular reveal of our on-campus Christmas tree. Each year the lights are slightly different, but every year leaves you with the warm and fuzzies.

A photo of the class of 2021.

Class Photo

At the beginning of every year, we take the freshmen class photo. A lot can happen in four years. This is a great way for you to look forward and later, to look back. 

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